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Lived Experience Advisory Directory

Who We Are

We are Lived Experience Leaders

The Lived Experience Advisory Directory is a community of people from all corners of the Lived Experience Workforce looking to improve access to support, opportunities, learning and resources.

Our Community Values


We are proud to be part of a community that aims to do the right thing, for the right reasons.


We support out community to find their path, celebrating our unique contributions.

Future focused

Informed by the past, grounded In the present but always future focused.


We see you, and no matter what brought you here we are your community.


We have it for ourselves, those we work alongside and in our approach to leading.

Our mission

Our mission

LEAD was started because starting a new career or evolving to the next stage in our established Lived Experience workplace journey can sometimes be isolating without the right support. And as we know, it helps to be connected to someone that’s been there. LEAD mission is to empower the Lived Experience workforce to find and grow its unique voice in an exciting and progressive time to be part of the Lived Experience Leadership Movement. There are many amazing organisations doing great things in the world of Lived Experience work, and LEAD will be guiding together knowledge from all corners of the movement so that information is in one easily accessible place.

Build a trusted network of leaders who have been in similar positions.

What is Lived Experience Leadership?

Lived Experience Leadership (LEL): A broad term used to describe what happens when people use their Lived Experience to change, shape or create something to benefit others in the broad field of mental health. (NSUN, 2021)
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