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Lived Experience (LE): Direct, first-hand experience of mental distress, illness, diagnosis and/or mental health services. This can be associated with Lived Experience of poverty, trauma and other forms of prejudice and discrimination (e.g. racism and ableism) (NSUN, 2021).
Lived Experience Leadership (LEL): A broad term used to describe what happens when people use their Lived Experience to change, shape or create something to benefit others in the broad field of mental health. (NSUN, 2021)

Progressing in the workplace can be challenging for some – we are here to connect others who have walked the career path before and can support you to become the leader you want to be,
connectivity and peer support has a demonstratable beneficial evidence base for those we support – the same
principle applies when supporting other Lived Experience. Even the helpers need a little guidance and support sometimes!

Leadership within Lived Experience work is more of a conceptual framework rather than a single position. It’s about uplifting the voices of people who want to contribute their lived skills to a workplace, by distributing knowledge support and access to opportunity through the privilege and influence that others have gained. We distribute what we have learned evenly so the whole community can grow

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